Daniel Strachman | Managing Director | A&C Advisors, LLC

Daniel Strachman has been working on Wall Street for more than twenty years in various capacities, including investment management, institutional brokerage, insurance, hedge fund and mutual fund product development, marketing and distribution. He currently serves as Managing Director of A&C Advisors LLC, a firm that provides professional directors and fund governance services to the investment management industry. Mr. Strachman serves as a director to both on-shore and off-shore investment vehicles and is a registered director under the Directors Registration and Licensing Law, 2014 of the Cayman Islands. He is the Co-Founder of the HEDGEAnswers.com online community and Co-Founder of the Operations for Alternatives event series. Mr. Strachman is the author of nine books on investment management including The Fundamentals of Hedge Fund Management and Getting Started in Hedge Funds. Mr. Strachman is a graduate of Clark University. 
He can be reached at das@hedgeanswers.com

Kelly Ferraro | Founder & Principal | KAF Communications

Kelly Ferraro, founder and principal of KAF Communications, LLC, is a results-oriented corporate communications professional with over two decades of experience identifying and creating actionable communications plans in order to capitalize on a client's ever-evolving goals and strategies. She has worked across several industry verticals, which include financial services, fintech, medical technology and real estate. She has a keen understanding on how to position a client in front of the audiences that move the needle in their respective industries.

Kelly began KAF Communications, LLC in 2018, realizing that she could make more of an impact by starting her own boutique, where she could better align herself with clients as a partner and what she calls an “in-house extension.”  Her recent work includes strategic media relations, brand development and thought leadership for companies seeking to foster disruption and better solutions to age-old problems. Clients include New York City real estate developers and brokers looking to share their wins and innovative strategies, cutting-edge medical technology companies and individuals that have built businesses single-handedly and are seeking coverage about their successes. She is especially passionate about working with start-ups, given the fact that the messages can be shaped from the beginning.

Prior to her time in public relations and communications, Kelly worked for large banks and financial institutions, which include Bank of America and Guggenheim Partners. She formerly held Series 7, 24 and 63 licenses and is therefore well-versed in crafting strategies for public companies.