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Dennis Schall is a Partner in the Firm’s National Alternative Investment Industry group. He provides leadership to the Group’s New York City operations and assists with practice development, client service, strategic planning, and the setting of policies and procedures. Mr. Schall specializes in auditing and consulting hedge fund and investment advisors with complex investments and financial reporting matters. He advises clients beginning with the start-up phase and continuing through the life of a fund.

Mr. Schall specializes in hard-to-value investments, including complex debt & equity instruments. Mr. Schall’s experience also extends to other non-traditional investments such as private investments in public equities, asset-based lending, and life settlement investments.

Mr. Schall has more than 20 years of public accounting experience. He speaks on industry topics and has been quoted and published in various trade publications.



Skyler has more than 20 years of experience in Finance, Fund Administration, and Middle and Back Office Service for both public and private investment funds. Skyler has held senior roles in business development, operations, and client services for fund administrators, broker-dealer, and a state bank investment program. Skyler has a Series 3 certification from FINRA.


Jennifer Hicks | director | capital fund law group

Jennifer Hicks, Director of Client Development at Capital Fund Law Group, joined the firm in the early part of 2018 and has quickly become an integral team member. She liaises with the in-house attorneys, assists prospective and current clients with their fund planning and formation process and provides guidance to emerging managers on non-legal fund-related matters. 

Ms. Hicks, who has been a lifelong student of the legal field, held a career in law enforcement in the state of Utah prior to becoming a part of Capital Fund Law Group. Having been a first responder allowed Ms. Hicks the opportunity to gain valuable skills, which include investigative research, critical thinking, extreme attention to detail and multitasking – all skills required to make the transition to the corporate side of the law. While her client base is now fund managers and not the public, Ms. Hicks understands the importance of public relations and perception. In fact, she partakes in podcasts and interviews showcasing her transition from one area of the law to another.


daniel strachman | managing director | A&C Advisors

Daniel Strachman has been working on Wall Street for more than twenty years in various capacities, including investment management, institutional brokerage, insurance, hedge fund and mutual fund product development, marketing and distribution. He currently serves as Managing Director of A&C Advisors LLC, a firm that provides professional directors and fund governance services to the investment management industry. Mr. Strachman serves as a director to both on-shore and off-shore investment vehicles and is a registered director under the Directors Registration and Licensing Law, 2014 of the Cayman Islands.
He is the Co-Founder of the HEDGEAnswers.com online community and Co-Founder of the Operations for Alternatives event series. Mr. Strachman is the author of nine books on investment management including The Fundamentals of Hedge Fund Management and Getting Started in Hedge Funds. Mr. Strachman is a graduate of Clark University.